Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

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Your Last-Minute
Halloween Makeup Look

by Caroline Homan

twiggy video

It’s finally arrived: Halloweekend

While almost everyone you know has their costumes planned out for the weekend, it’s Friday and you’re just now giving your look some thought. Let’s face it, not all of us were planning months in advance and there’s probably nothing left in your local Spirit Halloween pop-up except, yunno, a promiscuous nurse outfit. We all aspire to have the perfect costume that’s not overdone, still recognizable, and a bit fashion forward. This year Jao Brand has you covered with a last-minute Twiggy makeup tutorial that’ll hit right in that sweet spot.
To achieve Twiggy’s iconic mod look, we’ll be using Jao Brand Bomade: Coiffette, Goē Oil, and Sungleam Illuminator, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

goe eye 

Step 1: With a thin eyeliner brush, mix a small amount of Goē Oil and a dark colored eyeshadow. Paint a line just above your natural crease. Mixing Goē Oil with a loose eyeshadow will strengthen its pigmentation and make it easy to accurately apply.

sun face

​Step 2: Dab Sungleam Illuminator to the highs of your cheekbones to emphasize your bone structure.

bomade hair

Step 3: Pull back your hair into a low pony or bun and use Bomade: Coiffette to slick down the sides. Bomade will give you the perfect slicked back look without feeling tacky or stiff. If you really want to look like Twiggy, try doing this with a deep side part.

finished look

Finish the look: with mascara, a sheath dress and a Jao Social Club silk scarf tied around your neck to really look Mod… And that’s it! In three steps, you’re ready to impress the costume competition with this no-fuss Twiggy ensemble!


**Whatever your costume, be sure to take off your makeup and moisturize your face before going to bed.

Makeup Artist Hack: a dab of Goē Oil on a cotton ball can help remove waterproof makeup, sticky glitter and glue.

Photography: Michael Isenburg
Makeup/Styling: Amy Palmer