Gale's Tips for Spring Travel

Gale's Tips for Spring Travel

1. Choose the right vacation. Everyone has a different comfort level right now. Some people are ready for international travel and others prefer to stay closer to home. Plan a trip where you can enjoy yourself.

2. Be familiar with protocols. Travel restrictions keep changing. These may include mask wearing, social distancing, or providing proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Know before you go.

3. Only pack the essentials. Don’t spend your time lugging around a suitcase. Pack what you need, when in doubt leave it out. If you forget something, go shopping! 

4. Pack an Empty Bag. For souvenirs or dirty clothes, a little extra storage may come in handy. For undies, I created the Fresh Pants Travel Bag. Keep clean on one side and dirty on the other!

5. Always bring a swimsuit. Beach, hotel, new just never know. 

Gale's trip to Nice, France