Gale's Tips: for St. Patrick's Day

Gale's Tips: for St. Patrick's Day

Some customs are actually Irish American traditions, but we can still hope a little luck o' the Irish rubs off on us.

1. Leprechauns love everything green. Wear green for luck. The hue symbolizes Ireland’s lush landscape. Legend has it leprechauns can’t see you if you’re wearing the verdant color.

2. Searching for that pot of gold? Incorporate green vegetables into your dinner. Reward yourself with a chocolate gold coin chaser.

3. Celebrate (it is a Friday, after all). If you choose to enjoy an evening of Guinness or Jameson or appletinis, remember to stay hydrated and make sure you have a safe way to get home. HANGOVER TIP: be sure to drink two cups of water before bed, remove makeup, cleanse your face and add Face Crème Night time/Anytime to hydrate and calm your skin.

4. Start to live a greener life. Jao Brand is focused on healthy, multipurpose products. When one product does many things we buy, consume and throw away less.