Making clothes in Sweden

Making clothes in Sweden

What a cool collaboration its been since meeting Madelene and Rick at a trade show in France about 5 years ago.

My co-worker Julie, dragged me over to their booth because she said her linen was beautiful. Julie loves drapes and Madelene had beautiful drapes. I, however, don’t really care about drapes. I care about clothes and Madelene had some classically shaped clothing that immediately attracted me because it was simply beautiful with this exquisite linen. And that’s how a collaboration was born.

The suit is like being swaddled. It might look really put together, and yet the cliche, it feels like wearing pajamas. I almost feel guilty when I’m scrubbing the shop floor wearing the pants and matching suit jacket but then I remind myself that I designed these clothes to be workwear.

Jao Brand/Aquavireo Uniquely Utilitarian Workwear.

jao aqua vireo linen

With a nod to classic French and Japanese workwear of French/Belgian grown linen, woven in Belarus, with eco cert German dyes, cut and sewn in Sweden, these clothes pass the stricter eco certification of Made in EU clothing. Which means lifting crawling scrubbing moving bicycle riding wear. Looking chic as you do grunt work is just extra.

The linen has been pre shrunk. I feel that if you get them a bit loose you can wash and throw them in the dryer with no problem. And they never smell and I barely wash them. The pants replace denim and sweats. I didn’t know they would fit the times so well, but then again I didn’t know that when I made hand sanitizer as our first Jao Product in 1997 that it would take almost 25 years later for it to be a house hold name. Well a household name for a certain kind of snob who likes a decent hand sanitizer!

Now come on in for Pants and Sanitizer!
Not available on Amazon or eBay. IRL only:)”