Meet Gale

Meet Gale


Meet Gale Mayron,
founder of Jao Brand

gale mayron

"Jao was inspired by an impulse I had to be able to wash my hands when I was working in the field as a videographer and not near a faucet. This was 1994, before the idea of hand sanitizers was even in the marketplace. We were the first hand sanitizer to use essential oils and to market our product as multipurpose. This came about because my husband began using Jao Hand Refresher as his aftershave while I was putting it on a cotton pad and wiping off the NYC summer grit from my face! It worked fantastically well.
The multipurpose idea appealed to me as I hate clutter and waste! So it became the ethos of the idea behind the brand. Each product must solve a problem and be useful in a few ways. It also allows creativity for the user to discover best uses, making the process more personal and necessary in someones life.

I think what I like most is the ability to have an idea, create it, put it out into the marketplace, and have it find a home with strangers. I get complete satisfaction when people buy Jao Brand and then absolutely love it. It’s a really good feeling knowing we can do this with such a small, all woman crew, of 5 people."

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