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The Store Story

We get inspired by what is around us and sometimes it seems like trash to some people (but to me, it was the inspiration for our bag print.)

Jao Social Club bag pattern

We sell leather goods from 3 different makers, 2 from South America, and 1 from France. We sell a line of linen clothes from Sweden and we collaborated on a line of pants with them. We made a back pack, a multi-mask scarf, and soap.

We tend to get dreamily nostalgique!

We love a nip of a Pet Nat at 5 pm, and we open up the store for whoever happens to be there to stop shopping, have a glass and get into whatever the conversation happens to be… Well, we used to!

Now with masks, the conversations are not as frequent, nor as long. When the pandemic hit, the Jao Refresher/Sanitizer became a necessity.

Jao Social CLub Pigeon with mask

I was extremely happy that we could provide a formula of Sanitizer that our customers wanted and needed. It made the store feel like a real old fashioned Apothecary. So we’ve rebranded as the Jao Social Distance Club.

If the travel bans haven’t lifted, and you feel like dropping by please do. We’re open for you online, anytime!

Jao Social Distance Club