Crushable Tote

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Crushable Tote

The Fira Sisters from Argentina design and produce small batch leather goods with natural dyes and processes. We enjoyed meeting them last year and had to have their bag!  

The crushable tote so named because once you see it you will be in love. This unlined tote is made of a gorgeous soft leather and is unstructured. It will hold a days worth of running around, taking you from day to night.  You’ll take it everywhere, once we are all allowed to go somewhere again.

Made in Argentina

Size 12 "(H),  18"(W),  5"(D)

FIRA Brand

Founded in 2016 by two sisters, Rosario and Agustina Risatti. They manufacture and design 100% Argentine leather products with passion, using natural leather and vegetable tanned leather (to contribute to the sustainability in the world). FIRA is made up of women's stories.  Stories that describe the essence of who we are, starting from passionate moments full of meaning.  Each collection represents an evolution, a new opportunity, created from words, experiences, virtues and vestiges.  In their creations, the sisters offer a vision of life, a constant rediscovery of its best version. The most inspiring.