Osfal Black 21 JumpSuit

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I love the look of a jumpsuit but have never been a fan of the one piece because of the difficulties in getting into and out of it. Pair this with our black linen worker pant and get the look of a jumpsuit, but in a 2 piece. No annoying one piece that falls to the bathroom floor and taking off your shirt when going to the loo.

Linen is a great all year round fabric – it naturally regulates temperature, as well as insulating, which means it is ideal for both hot and cool weather as it adjusts to the temperature. It also has a beautiful, textured look that works for any season.

The comfort and simplicity of this 100% linen Osfal shirt is perfection. Mid-weight linen with a straight hem on sleeves which can be rolled up. Simple collar detail with slight V neck.

The pants have large side pockets that you can really sink into and an extended drop from the inseam that I love as its airy and cool. They fit really well when layered with long john’s underneath for cooler days. Perfect for late spring/summer/fall.

1” Elastic waist band to be worn high on hips for a more classic put together look, or low on hips for a slouch.

Designed and made in Sweden. 
100% Linen. 
Wash in cold. Hang dry. 


Sized S/M/L
Model is 5’5” wearing a small

Cut cropped in the leg
25 1/2” from the inseam
Small fits 2-6
Medium fits 8-10
Large fits 12-14

One size fits most US Women size 2-12.

Designed and made in Sweden

Perfect travel layers. There is a timeless simplicity in the design. You will not find this quality linen anywhere else. And the fabric is what makes these pieces truly authentic. You can't fake the real.

All are one size only. We had them resized so they fit most gals size 2-12. These are small runs. She only makes a few of each. Bespoke leisure wear is here.