Swedish Jean Jacket – Amber

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Its a classic and a keeper that never goes out of style.


One size.
100% Linen.
Also available in black.
Designed and made in Sweden. 

Madeleine whipped this up and we loved its heritage classic Denim Jacket style. It's boxy cut is made of a sturdy linen that makes a great warming layer for Spring/Fall and cool summer evenings. It can also be worn like a shirt-jack. The linen creases as you wear it especially in the arms giving it your personal stamp.

Perfect travel layers. There is a timeless simplicity in the design. You will not find this quality linen anywhere else. And the fabric is what makes these pieces truly authentic. You can't fake the real.


Fits Women 4-12, Men S/M.
Chest: 44”
Length: approx. 23”