Linen Towel Set

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Classic Old World Linen Towels

This thin waffle weave is light, and absorbent. Two beautiful washcloths that won’t get stained with make-up, two long hand towels, and two generous bath sheets to wrap yourself in. This gorgeous Carbon set is a keeper.

Flax linen is a thermoregulatory fabric. It gives a feeling of freshness in summer and keeps the heat in winter.  It does not fluff and does not deform. The more it is washed, the softer it gets.

Sold as a set of 3 towels:  1 Washcloths, 1 Hand towels, 1 Bath Sheets. 
100% Linen Cultivated in France and Belgium. 
Towel Made in the EU.

Towel Dimensions
Washcloth   12" x 20"  (30 x 50 cm)
Hand towel   20" x 39"  (50 x 100 cm)
Bath Sheet   35.5" x 63"  (90 x 160 cm)

About Flax Linen

This is how the manufacturer describes the production of their flax linen:  “The excellence of flax cultivation results from the unique encounter between a naturally humid ocean climate, low thermal density, generous soils and the know-how of French flax growers. The cultivation of this noble and very resistant material consumes little energy, and requires neither fertilizer nor watering, as its water needs are being covered by natural precipitation. This results in a local culture that is eco-responsible and preserves the environment.”