African Bedroll/Mattress

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Lightweight, slim and ultra-comfortable, this mattress provides a soft overlay that can be easily layered for rest and relaxation. 


W36 x L75 in
Cotton and Kapok

Its hand-spun cotton exterior is complemented by an interior made of 100% kapok, a natural and hypoallergenic fiber that is picked, shelled, and filled by hand. Available in a variety of rich, hand-dyed colors, including the brand’s signature indigo, Tensira pairs careful craftsmanship with customizable comfort. Recline across several for a more plush feel or opt to use one as a cozy covering as you rest.

Woven from 100% cotton, Tensira’s ultra-soft pillow covers bring an air of serenity and sophistication to your space. Spun, woven, and dyed entirely by hand by local artisans in West Africa, the brand’s founders simultaneously provide sustainable textiles for your home while providing jobs and opportunities to their African partners.  Punctuate your sofa with a matching pair or mix and match for a more eclectic style.