Multi Mask Bandit Style

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A unique and exclusive collaboration between Jao and Christine Yeo, of Simulacra NYC.


Inspired by retro graphic textile design, our multi-mask Bandit style is the product of a unique and exclusive collaboration with Christine Yeo of Simulacra NYC. Employing her skills as a seamstress and designer, we incorporated a cotton/bamboo/spandex inner sleeve, that is sewn into antique scarves. The side is slit to slip a filter in for extra protection.

The scarf slips over your nose and is held pretty tightly against the face. It can be worn as a neck scarf, hair scarf, or mask. It is multi-functional with a nod to the past, and that is the Jao ethos!

Each one is as unique as the wearer, and only available at the Jao Social Club. Come visit us and pick out one that matches your unique style.


Cotton/Bamboo/Spandex sawn into antique scarf.