Oriculi - Reusable Outer Ear Cleaner

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Oriculi : Cure-Oreilles Écologique En Bambou

This ecological ear cleaner replaces the padded sticks for life! This ingenious instrument comes from Japan and China, where it is used by the entire population.


10 cm
One per box, colors are random.

Its advantages: ecological and economic of course, but also good for health. Unlike sticks, it prevents plug formation. Use it once or twice a week, to remove ear wax visible at the entrance of the ear. Do not go further! Earwax is an asset because it protects the eardrum, so keep it as long as it is not unsightly. And for the pavilion? A towel passed around the index will suffice.

You can use the Oriculi to clean the ears of children, but it must be handled by an adult. With your finger, make a stop that will prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum if the child suddenly moves.