Tawa Body Brush Twist

Tawa Body Brush Twist

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Tawashi Brushes

Tawa Body Brush Twist for use in the shower or bath

Hand-made scrubbing brushes by Takada Tawashi from the Wakayama Prefecture. No plastic no metal, completely eco, and just beautiful craftsmanship. Who knew it was possible to fall in love with a scrubbing brush? From their marketing materials: "Each item diligently fulfills its function with a low-key presence, blending into our lives without ever showing off, and making those lives more refined before we know it.” I couldn’t agree more.

4 different brushes for different uses

1 - Tawa for computer keyboards or anything else delicate that requires a little natural stiff bristle.
2 - Tawa Kitchen Slim made for scrubbing the cast iron cookware.
3 - Tawa Kitchen Sarasa made for scrubbing pots.
4 - Tawa Body Brush Twist made for you, use in the shower or bath.

Made in Japan. 

Takada Tawashi

Introducing Takada Tawashi.

Each of the Shuro Tawashi scrubbing brushes are individually made by experienced craftsmen from only the finest hemp palm fibers. While scrubbing brushes are usually rough and thick, and made of synthetic fibers, these are not, and will not scratch the surface being washed. Filled with the expertise of Japanese craftsmen who know how to turn a natural material into a high-quality, eco-friendly tool.