Versa Panty

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Underwear that does double duty as a bathing suit bottom. Perfect old school Granma Panties that rock it like a 1950’s swimsuit bottom.

Final Sale Only. Underwear is not return/exchangeable.


Body:  85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Crotch Lining:  100% Cotton

Have you ever just needed to drop your drawers and jump in the pool?
Unexpected trip to the beach and you’ve got on the wrong underwear? That will never happen again if you pack these.

Pair with the versa bra and you are good for wherever you find yourself.

Pack Only What You Need.
Leave No Footprints.


S (26-27) 
M (29-30) 
L  (31-32) 
XL (33-34)


Do you have these in other colors? 
Nope, black only.

Are these made in USA?
Unfortunately, these are not. If anyone has a source for USA made Panties we would love to know about it and will switch our wholesale source