Gale’s Favorites

Gale’s Favorites

It’s Women’s History Month, and we have a lot to celebrate being a woman-owned and operated company! Jao Brand Ltd. is the creation of Gale Myron who had a vision to make unisex, multipurpose apothecary items. When one product can serve many purposes, you don’t need to buy as much — “the less you consume, the less you throw away.”  

gale at jsc
To honor how much Jao Brand has evolved from its single product beginning with Jao Refresher, to its expansion to Jao Social Club, Gale rounded up her favorite products, all hand selected by her.

The 30 Year Backpack
It's a classic the first time you see it. I call it the 30 year backpack because you will have it and use it for the next 30 years.

30 year backpack

Paris Floor
I wanted the floor in a corner shop in Paris in the 4th arr. It is gorgeous, as you can see. Now you can have one too. Works well by front doors, kitchen sinks and anywhere you need a little extra old world classic pattern. And it’s a Jao Brand exclusive!

Read more about the floor here 

paris floor

Skin Relaxer
Made with soft ostrich feathers with a leather cuff and wood handle. This pure ostrich feather “skin relaxer” improves the mind body check-in. Caress and soothe for an extra special massage treat!

jao feather skin relaxer

Flax French Bedroll
This unique, euro sized bed roll is what I had been searching for. The raw material is harvested in France and Belgium, woven, dyed and made in the EU with respect for the environment.

french bed roll flax jao

PJ Pant
These pants have an extended drop from the inseam that I love as it's airy and cool. It hints at a design aesthetic borrowed from Japan.
pj pant jao brand

Swedish Jean Jacket
It’s a classic and a keeper that never goes out of style. You will not find this quality linen anywhere else. And the fabric is what makes this piece truly authentic. You can't fake the real.
linen jean jacket jao

Thermowood Massage Brush
Not to be confused with your standard dry brush, with this, the molecular structure of wood is altered in a kind of “baking” process at high temperature. It absorbs little or no water and is thus practically insensitive to moisture, making it perfect to take with you to the bath or sauna.
thermowood massage brush jao

Cotton Velvet Pouch
Use it to hold your travel necessities, charger cords, or IPad. It’s designed in France and I fell in love with its soft cotton velvet exterior!
cotton velvet pouch jao