Thirty Year Old Backpack

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It's a classic the first time you see it

I call it the motorcycle jacket of backpacks. It’s based on a 30 year old Swedish backpack I found at a vintage clothing store, but we gave it an update. My friend Claudio from Clava, made my dream come true. It draws in a certain guy or gal who has been looking (sometimes for years) for the perfect bag, and I say yes that’s why we made it.  

Claudio made sure the straps are of thick leather and double riveted. We put in a back zipper pocket for a pouch to hold your phone and wallet. We used magnet clasps for easy access to both front pockets. It’s super light for its large size, weighing in at 2.25 pounds. You can fold it up and pack it in a suitcase. You will use it for years.

Weighs 2.25 pounds. 

16.5“x 6.5”x 16.5”.  
100% Unlined Colombian Leather.
Made In Colombia.
A Jao Exclusive. Travel Well