Capuche - Patterns

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A stylish and practical rain bonnet. An umbrella for your pocket.



Water Repellent Polyester
Fabric made and assembled in the EU

This rain bonnet perfectly matches its equally waterproof pocket-sized pouch. Made from a 100% waterproof fabric (plastic is cheap). With a brand new design and shape, this grandma’s handbag staple reminds us more of the elegance and grace of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, or Catherine Deneuve than Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. 

They are fantastic and original, perfect to always keep in your bag. Available in a vast array of colours, designs and patterns to suit every woman's style. Each model has a varied design element to match any outfit. Its the original touch that makes all the difference. Once you use it you will not want to be caught without it. Try tying it around your neck as a scarf. It’s also useful as a breathing mask if the person next to you is coughing!!!


1. Great looking hoodie to keep the hair frizz free from spring showers! 
2. Tie around neck as a scarf. 
3. Use as a mask on plane/train/car travel when around others who are sick, or sick yourself! 
4. Practical, not loaded down with an umbrella. 
5. Pairs great with jackets and coats that don’t have hoods. 
6. Girly, but not too girly! 
7. Keeps you going whatever the weather!