Osfal Linen Jacket

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This is the jacket you will find yourself reaching for again and again. The comfort and simplicity is perfection.


100% linen
Made in Sweden

This jacket has an understated, peasant feel, combined with a casual, stylish elegance. Cool and unpretentious, in a mid-weight linen. 

I fell in love with the 100% linen Osfal jacket when I found it in Paris. Mid to heavy-weight rugged, black linen, with frayed edges and a stand up mandarin collar for a minimalist effect. The collar can also be ironed down to make it into a lapel jacket. 2 Pockets on front. No buttons to lose!

Perfect travel layers. There is a timeless simplicity in the design. You will not find this quality linen anywhere else. And the fabric is what makes these pieces truly authentic. 


Gale's note on sizing: "I am a narrow size 6-8 on jackets, this one allows me to  wear a sweater under it in winter. You will live in either of them. The shirt and jacket perfectly fit Alexa at JaoHaus who's a standard size 12."

All are one size only. We had them sized so they fit most gals size 2-12. These are small runs. She only makes a few of each. Bespoke leisure wear is here.


Linen is a great all year round fabric – it naturally regulates temperature, as well as insulating, which means it is ideal for both hot and cool weather as it adjusts to the temperature. It also has a beautiful, textured look that works for any season.